February 28, 2009

~Let It Snow~

May the embers from the open hearth warm your hands,
May the sun's rays warm your face,
May the children's bright smiles warm your heart,
May everlasting love warm your soul.

-Irish Blessing-


February 27, 2009


Charlie is having a bad day so they cancelled my radiation.

I think his thermistor got a blister or something.

Anyway, I'll be back on schedule Monday morning.

A three day weekend sounds like a good idea.

Guess Charlie thought so too.

"The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." -Robert Burns


February 26, 2009

~4 down & 16 to go~

Today was a little rough.

I have to walk about a half mile to get to Charlie

and I was out of breath when we started treatment.

By the time the treatment was over,

I was blue and sweating like a sinner in the first pew.

Lying on my back is still very difficult.

But, today I learned a lesson.

Take more time and catch my breath

before Charlie does its thing.

Tomorrow will be better.

slow and easy

does not come naturally to me



February 25, 2009

~3 down & 17 to go~

Radiation is a snap.

Charlie is a $3,000,000 Varian Clinac® linear accelerator.

It only takes about 10 minutes for the whole treatment.

So far, so good. .





February 23, 2009


I had my first radiation treatment today.

The delivery machine is called a linear accelerator.

I call it Charlie because I can't remember linear accelerator.

Anyway, Charlie is an impressive chunk of metal and electronics.

Charlie kills cancer cells by bombarding them with protons and stuff.

There's no pain and it's quick.

The radiation technicians must be bored.

They spent a lot of time drawing on my chest.

I thought they were playing tic-tac-toe but nobody did a victory dance.

Too bad, I could have taken Sam with me next time.

He's an excellent tic-tac-toe player.

My only problem is lying on my back.

I still have some positional breathing difficulties.

The whole procedure takes about 20 minutes.

One visit down and 19 to go.

I'll see you tomorrow Charlie.

victory dance



February 21, 2009


Janet and I have been discussing our post treatment vacation.

We would appreciate suggestions.

Our requirements are:




Sea Food


A Bed and Breakfast would be nice.

If you have a suggestion, drop us an email .




February 20, 2009

~Chitty Chitty Bang Bang~

That's the sound the radiation machine makes

as it circles and searches for its tattoo targets.

It's a bit chilling when the lumbering over arm stalks

and cranks and grinds its way around my portly midriff.

That's the way I'll be spending my next 20 weekday mornings.

At 8:45AM each day I'll be burning cancer cells.

Then my treatment will be finished.

Eventually, I'll have my port removed and life will return to normal.

It's been 9 months since my heart attack/Hodgkin event.

Let the good times roll.




February 14, 2009

~Happy Birthday Ruthie~

~Happy Valentine's Day~

to my sweetie



February 11, 2009

~Tattoos Galore~

It must be a mid-life crisis .

Yesterday I got 5 tattoos .

I wanted dragons, but the Doc insisted on stupid, little dots.

They're targets for the radiation machine.

I go next Wednesday to do a practice radiation session.

Then, Thursday I'll have the first of 20 treatments.

I'll go every week day until it's over.

Hopefully, the side effects will be minimal.

It looks like we're coming down the home stretch.

If all stays on schedule, we'll cross the finish line in March.


"Don't let yesterday use up too much of today." -Will Rogers




February 9, 2009

~Pulmonary Function Test~

Today I had a PFT .

Basically, you blow air into a tube until your eyes are ready to pop .

Then, you suck air through the tube until your cranium is about to collapse.

When you've gone through the sequence 3 times you're finished .

Unless the equipment malfunctions .

In that case, you get to do it all over again.

After the first test you're blue in the face .

After the second test your face is green .

Apparently green is the magic color.

Actually, it's painless and the technicians are great.

No needles, no pain and nothing gets stuck in any orifice,

so who could complain? Certainly not me.

The technician said I did significantly better than the last time.

My last PFT was 9/23/08. The good news keeps rolling in.

Have a great day.




February 6, 2009

~From Humpty Dumpty to Cookie Monster~

My hair is growing back with a vengeance.

Except for the thick curly locks I had on top.

I can't imagine what happened to them.

My eyebrows make Andy Rooney look like Sigourney Weaver.

I'm feeling great.

All systems are go.

We had to cancel the PFT and CT scans due to the weather.

They're scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.

I'll let you know how they go.

Have a great day.



Radiation continues...