December 25, 1995 - September 6, 2006

We love him and miss him beyond words

Smile for the camera

There's nothing like a good chewie after a great meal

Wanna play ball?

OK, let's get this science project rolling

Don't be messin' with my chewie

Where did I put that darn frog?

The Zebby lion look

Isn't it about time for a walk?

Check out the profile

He loved his squeaky chicken

Zebby in his youth


September 8, 2006

Dear Tom and David:
Ten and a half years ago we traveled to Hickory Bend Kennels in Indiana to see a little male Pomeranian that you had for sale. His name was Zebediah. We fell in love with him at first sight and purchased him from you that day. He owned our hearts for the rest of his life. Because we have our own business we were able to have Zebby with us always. He worked with us and played with us and made up such a large part of the fabric of our day-to-day lives. Words alone cannot describe our sense of loss now that he has gone.
We want to thank you both for all that you did to give Zebby such a good start in life. The care that you put into your breeding program was evident, because he was such a beautiful example of the Pomeranian breed. He was a brash, happy and self confident little fellow and had such a big heart. Perhaps one of his nicest attributes was his lovely calm and easy going way. He was a real lover that stole everyone’s heart. Many people are going to miss the little guy.
Our lives were richer for the time that he spent with us. We only wish it could have been much longer. His passing was completely unexpected and that is what we struggle with. He went to the Vet’s for a simple procedure but when the anesthetic was administered -- his heart simply stopped beating. We should have had him for much longer because his health was good in every way. It was just one of those horrible things that happen.
We just thought that you might want to know how much he was loved and that he is gone.

Roger and Janet DeLacey
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